What is the difference between the espresso and other types of coffee?

Coffee is one of the most widespread drinks in the world. There is a set of ways for its preparation. The method of espresso, coffee in the jezve and the French press are considered as the most appropriate. By the way, you should be aware that coffee is usually served in the especial type of a cup. If you want to find out about the best coffee cups available, visit My Demitasse.

What is espresso, coffee in the jezve and the French press coffee?

Espresso is the most rapid method of coffee preparation by means of the special coffee machine. The coffee grains grounded, pressed and moved through a stream of hot water (88-91 °C) under pressure in nine atmospheres.

The coffee that made in jezve considered one of the most ancient methods its preparation. The grounded grains are boiled on slow fire within a special ware – a jezve. The method allows adding spices and alcohol that creates an incredible quantity of variations of tastes of drink.

The French press is an advanced method of preparation of the coffee “in Polish”. Coffee is filled in with boiled water in a special vessel. The punched sieve allows separating a thick from drink.

The difference between espresso coffee and other types of coffee are the following

The most important indicator of coffee preparation is a grain grinding. All three methods of preparation have different indicators.

The French press coffee the coarse grinding if coffee is used (so-called crushing). It allows grain not to filter through a small grid of perforation. The smallest extent of extraction and, owing to long contact with hot water allows increasing the content of caffeine. Type of method gained wide distribution because of simplicity, lack of special skills and the equipment.

Coffee in the jezve. The method means cooking of coffee within several minutes at a temperature from 80 to 95 °C that allows carrying out the maximum extraction. The already-made product contains the largest content of caffeine. Use of spices and alcohol allows expanding the range to several thousand types of this drink.

Espresso method – the most widespread in the Europe and America. The average grinding of grain is used. Coffee is filled up in a special horn (holder). Then it is pressed in “tablet”. Coffee prepares from 15 to 40 seconds, depending on a type of drink. a temperature of cooking and the short period of contact with water do not allow to be allocated to the most part of caffeine. Often coffee machines are provided with the additional equipment (a capuchinator, a steamer) that allows doing different types of coffee: with milk, with alcohol and other additives.