Top 3 Classic Alternatives to Buying Followers

If you’re offered an opportunity to directly increase your follower count on Instagram, it would be challenging to just turn the other cheek. Especially if you’re struggling to make a name for yourself, the offer seems like it’s worth welcoming — and with open arms.

But, sorry to disappoint you: it’s not the right offer.

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Here are the alternatives.

1. Fix Your Profile.

As simple as that. Be clear and concise as you write down a bio of your business. Then, place your profile in the center. And finally, add a link to your website.

You can also switch to a business account. It’s free.

Fixing your profile seems easy. So you must be wondering if there’s a catch.

If you’re anticipating the time when the other shoe will drop, you’re not waiting for anything.

Fixing your profile is one of the most effective ways to attract — and win respect from — visitors. A well-structured profile sends out the message that you’re organized and serious about your business.

Think of it as a symbol of professionalism. If you’re a professional, followers will acknowledge it — and then they would come to you.

2. Strategize on How You Promote Your Business.

And then there’s the alternative that involves choosing every business-related method carefully.

Let’s use an example.

If you want your business to have a stellar reputation on Instagram, you must build your way to it. In other words, you must act stellar from here on out.

So, use the best SEO practices, brilliant marketing techniques, and hashtags, post quality content, and more.

3. Turn to Legit Growth Service Providers for Help.

And if all else fails, ask for help.

For example, it’s been months since you first applied the abovementioned approaches yet you still can hardly see desirable results.

Well, maybe what you’ve been doing has not been working. Or maybe it has. One thing’s for sure, though: you don’t know the real deal.

So, approach growth service providers that an expert would recommend. Check out reviews, too.

Rather than buy followers, buy their services instead. It’s a much better option because they can help you grow organically.


Yes — you can buy followers on Instagram. But as this article suggests, buying followers is not good for business in the long run. Especially if you’re aiming for massive success, avoid taking an easy way out.