The Advantages of Using Laser Marking on Metal

Thanks to the speed and precision of laser marking, it is now the standard procedure used for marking metals. The use of laser on metal also guarantees continuous tracking and greater brand visibility.

For these reasons, laser marking is becoming more and more popular in industries that make use of metals such as manufacturing, automotive, mechanical, jewellery and medical technologies.

You can use laser marking for various reasons, top on the list is product identification. When used the right way, you enjoy various benefits that come with this procedure.

It Is Precise

The procedure is precise and contactless, which means it is clean and doesn’t result in debris. The surface you are marking doesn’t require extensive pre and post-processing.

Results in High Definition Marking

The high-resolution finish that you get from the marking ensures high product identification, which is ideal for tracking of products. With these detailed marks, you can combine the marking process to end up with greater contrast marks.

Durable Results

The results that you get are durable and resistant to chemicals, discoloration, acids and corrosion, which means the surface of the item is preserved. You can get seamless and indelible marks due to localized heat applied to the material. You don’t have to worry about the marks getting rubbed off or tampered with during handling or transport.

The marks are permanent, which guarantees product traceability. The marks resist wear and tear and are ideal for products intended for long-distance shipping.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

You can use the marking procedure to engrave logos, text, and any other type of alphanumeric writing designs, barcodes and graphics in the shortest time possible. The procedure allows you to engrave marks ranging from the simplest to the most complex. This versatility is not seen in other marking systems.

High Speed

Laser marking is very fast compared to other technologies. Regardless of the type of markings that you seek t make, the technology allows you to leave the marks quickly and effortlessly without having to reset the machine each time.

It is Efficient

Laser marking on metal doesn’t involve any costs such as sprays, inks or pastes. All you need is to have the right laser tool from Needham Coding for the task.

In Short

You can now enjoy better marking results and more efficient traceability when you use a laser marker. The process is fast and effortless.