Parrot Cages: Choosing The Best

Parrot caging depends on very many factors, some of these factors are vital to consider even when purchasing one. The type of parrot you buy influences a lot the cage that you should acquire for it. Here we will help you choose the best parrot cage for any parrot that catches your eye.


Having a healthy and an active parrot is achieved by having your bird in the right place. Getting the best parrot cage, for example from that provides the comfort that the parrot needs sometimes seems hectic because there is no one to advice on the best things for the intelligent bird.

Parrots differ in sizes hence choosing a parrot cage may depend on the size. Smaller parrots like Small Parakeets, Love Birds, Cockatiels and Parrotlets do not require too much space hence can do well in small cages. Medium sized and large sized parrots like Large Parakeets, Caiques, African Greys, Large Conures, Amazons, Macaws, Electus, pionus Parrots, etc require large space and therefore large cages. Ensure your parrot is in a cage where it can turn around with ease and flap inside the cage.

These parrots have different levels of intelligence, the most intelligent and fast learners like the African Grey require more attention and most of the time they should be let out of the cage. You can do these after you have enough trust with your parrot. These may demand a large parrot cage that allows the parrot to engage in activities that will keep them active.

The space that is available for you to keep the cage and the kind of a cage you can afford also matters a lot. People are not always equal in what they can manage and afford but the love these intelligent feathered pets does not depend on your worth as long as you feel the urge and passion of keeping one.

Keep the parrot cage in a place where there is enough air circulation, above the ground and away from a lot of noise, to ensure that they are not disturbed or live in fear. Keep the cage away from widows where the parrot can be disturbed from the outside, ensure they are not lonely and they are protected.

Parrot cages should have bird toys, aviaries, play stands, cage covers and perches. Quality parrot cages should have these features to ensure you provide your parrot with the best and suitable environment. The toys should be creative and also the play stands should be appealing to the bird. Ensure you have the best cage covers that will make the birds feel secure at night while resting. Give them the best perches.


When you have the best cage for your parrot, the other vital thing required is managing. This entails cleaning, feeding the bird and also lighting. Clean the cages always so as to maintain a clean environment for the bird, and feed it with quality food to keep it fit and healthy. You can include the spectrum lighting that ensures you parrot gets the natural light. Examples of some parrot cages are; Big Kahuna, Mauna Kea Mansion and Piilani Plantation. There are different types in these different examples.