Mistakes that Spoil a Great Hair Day on Your Wedding

Planning your wedding hairstyle is crucial to nail the look when that day comes. There is some work involved, and you shouldn’t leave all this to the last minute.

Many brides make mistakes that end up ruining their wedding hairstyle. Here are the common mistakes and how to handle them.

Failure to Have a Trial Run

Many would-be brides tend to forget to schedule a trial run with their hair stylist, opting to do everything in one day. Even if you are planning to do the hair yourself, you need to perform a trial run to make sure the hair is exactly the way you want it.

Using Conditioner on Your Hair on the Wedding Day

Hair conditioner might be one of the best ways to keep your hair styled up, but don’t dare use it on the wedding day. The conditioner will make your style fall out, and leave it in a mess.

Failure to Have an Emergency Styling Kit

When it comes to hair tragedies, you need to expect them at any time. This is why you need to have a hair styling emergency kit at hand. You never know when you will get the hair wet, or out of style. Make sure you have a mini blow dryer such as the https://www.oomphed.com/babylisspro-titanium-travel-dryer/ as well as a hair straightener to stay glam throughout the event.

You Let Your Hair Grow Too Long

One of the biggest mistakes is to grow your hair for more than six months before the wedding day. The best styles require a length of 3 or 4 inches past the shoulders, which makes it easier to style. Anything longer and you are looking at a tough day for the hair stylist as well as more time on the salon chair.

Making Drastic Changes to Your Hair before the Wedding

You wake up a week before the wedding, and then you decide to add highlights, change the hair color and even get a perm. These are decisions that affect the way the hair will be handled by the stylist. Follow the advice of the stylist at all times and avoid any rash decisions.


Take time to understand what you need to get the perfect hairstyle for your needs. For your wedding, you need to look awesome, and this means you keep your hair looking great. Take time to work with your hair stylist to get the look that you want.