Innovative Technologies That Are Worth Watching

You may have heard of companies and products that became obsolete after they failed to embrace change and become innovative. Technological advancement is something that we must embrace for a better tomorrow. There may be some instances where some technologies have led to massive destruction, but the benefits of innovation override the demerits. The following are innovative ideas that are taking the world by storm

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is a system or network of interrelated computing devices, animals, objects, digital and mechanical machines with unique identifiers. IoT is already in play in sectors such as smart homes and self-driven cars. The combination of machine learning and AI with IoT is making it possible to place sensors and store information on the cloud. People can now automate security in their homes and properties can even act due to temperature changes. Your system will be programmed in such a way it takes data from the external environment to make informed decisions.

Genetic engineering

When most people hear about genetics all they can think about are researchers with lab coats and microscopes. The engineers that come to mind are those on construction sites and software engineers behind a computer. Genetic engineering makes it possible to alter the genes of a living organism for the better. It can be a plant or an animal. It is a contentious topic as some people argue that altering the genetic composition of a living organism is unethical while the campaigners highlight the benefits of this process. This science is already practical and, Human Paragon highlights some successful projects.


It is sad to note that most people always think of Bitcoin when the term Blockchain is highlighted. The latter is technology while the former is an application that runs on the Blockchain. This technology has spread beyond the crypto space,  and big tech corporations such as IBM, Samsung and Microsoft are already developing solutions with it. Ecommerce sites such as Amazon and Alibaba have not been left behind as they want to benefit from this immutable technology. Penetration is still low but, there are success cases in areas such as banking, finance, voting, and public records.

Some of these innovations and technologies are already in the mainstream industry. On the other hand, it is just a matter of time, and others will see full adoption. Brands are now focusing on producing products for future generations to remain relevant.