Common Mistakes That Will Make Your Instagram Automation Fail

What people who have never done marketing campaigns on social media get once they start doing it is totally different from what they expect. Most people think that you just need to take a few random shots, post them with captions and engage customers. However, it is not that simple but also not that scary once you know your duties and what customers expect from you. Instagram automation can save you some tasks such as liking other users’ posts and getting new followers. If you have integrated automation into your marketing campaign but you are still not making conversions, then you might be doing the following mistakes.

    1. Using the wrong automation tool

There are different automation tools out there to fit varying customer needs. Some are good at scheduling posts, some are for engagement while others for getting new followers. Analyze your needs before heading to shop for an automation tool. Check various reviews and see what previous customers are saying about these specific tools. You can get user reviews of Instazood at for you to make an informed decision. Ensure that the automation tool that you pick does not violate any of the terms of use as illustrated on Instagram’s website or else you risk termination of your account.

    1. You target the wrong audience

The good thing about social media marketing is the ability to target a specific group and increase chances of conversion. Instagram allows you to target users based on age, buying habits and region among many other demographics. If you boost a post on Instagram and fail to target the right group, then your efforts might become futile. Do some research on how to target customers and get worthwhile results in the process. Seek help from professionals if you are doing it for the first time until you can stand on your own.

    1. You do not analyze your results

The only way you can know if your efforts are paying off is by having a measuring tool. You should first determine what your needs are and what you want to achieve at the end of the campaign. It can be more followers, increase sales or even making your brand known out there. Set some goals and do regular reviews of your performance to determine those areas that need improvement. Set some tracking tools that allow you to know the traffic you get from your Instagram account to external sites and sales pages.